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North, south, or north to south (or south to north). You choose how you want it, but I guarantee you you that no matter what you choose because you are going to love it: you will find lands full of green mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, glaciers, penguins, sea lyons and guanacos, or lands full of red mountains and canyons, picturesque villages, traditions and music.


As in Brazil, the south is more prosperous and resides a large percentage of white population, while the north is more humble and the inhabitants protect the native roots. Argentina is amazing, not only for the dreamlike landscapes that awaits, but for the Argentines themselves. You always hear that Argentines are cocky but nothing further from the truth: they are affectionate, generous, with a great sense of humor and with a traveling spirit that seems to be written in its genetic code. They travel and know about lots of things, so you can have interesting talks with them. For me, they are the main reason why I love this country.


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