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The route from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia (Tierra de Fuego) is a classic that any traveling soul must know. Starting in the proud and beautiful capital, the road to the south will be full of beautiful and varied natural places: the arid (and underestimated) central pampas, the green Región de los Lagos (Lakes District/Region), and, above all, the endless and spectacular Patagonia. It is a vast territory whose limits are not very clear (in fact, the Lakes Region is considered by many the beginning of the Patagonia). What is clear is that the attractions are scattered everywhere, both on its semi-desert shores full of wildlife and its mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and glaciers inland. And so on until reaching the end in Tierra de Fuego. You cannot go further south on the map.

So different from its southern cousin, but just as extraordinary (or more). Here you will find no glaciers, no sea lions or penguins, and no Valdivian forests full of lakes. But no worries guys, because we have deserts and canyons, llamas and condors, and, above all, Andean culture. You can not miss this region, here is where Argentina will conquer your heart.

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Note. To see Iguazu Falls click here

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