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To show that traveling with one´s dog is possible

Even in the most difficult conditions. I got encouraged to write this blog after listening to many people say that this is not possible. I realized that we, Cocaí and I, could be the push that some of you probably need to make it to the doggy adventure. Therefore, the main objective of this blog is to support all those travelers who are already traveling around the world with their buddies, giving them advice and ideas that could help them in their adventures and, above all, encourage all those friends who love their dogs and would love to travel with them (but they have not dared to do it yet). I want to show that traveling with your dog is not only a possibility, but also an unforgettable experience. However, although it is something incredible, it is also hard so we need to help each other in this “mission”. This blog could work as a network of doggy travelers in which everyone who wants to participate and share their experiences is free to do it so we can all benefit, humans and dogs.

Fighting for the rights of dogs to travel

In addition, I am pursuing a much longer (and long-term) goal: that traveling with a dog becomes something normal, that is to say, that dog's rights are recognized. If little by little more and more people travel with their dogs the infrastructure will be forced to adapt to us. In other words, more accommodations that open their doors for us, more dog friendly establishments, specific bus companies that allow dogs traveling in the passenger area (not in the cellar as mere objects)... And in general a more open culture with dogs.

So, well buddy, what are you waiting for? Be the next doggie traveler!

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