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The greatness of Bolivia lies in grand part in the strong ancestral roots they maintain, like no other country that I know. Their clothes, their cuisine, the legacy of more than 30 native languages, their traditions, their dances and parties, the use of the coca plant as a way of life, are just some examples. A country that grows and develops protecting its heritage deserves the respect of all of us. Nowadays it is difficult not to mix with the products that come from North America or Europe, but Bolivia maintains its authenticity.


The population is amazing, always curious about foreigners and willing to share. Usually they like more listening thank talking and, although they may seem shy you just have to get close and talk to them. As for the landscapes the Altiplano (the highlands) stands out, on the one hand, and the jungle on the other. Two different worlds. Two different and exciting cultures, the Andean and the jungle ones.

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