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This tour through the purest Andes will provide you with the most authentic landscapes of the Bolivian altiplano. It will also allow you to know the populations that live there, highlighted by their deep indigenous roots, especially Quechua and Aymara cultures. This can even be appreciated in big cities. 

This route crosses the country for its Ecuador from one end to the other leaving behind landscapes and populations of all colors, many of them of great tourist importance, such as Lake Titicaca, La Paz or Cochabamba. In the western zone we have the Andes and the altiplano culture, then the yungas or high jungle, and finally, to the east, the jungle...


The green Bolivia, that of the jungle rhythms, is not as visited and known as its Andean cousin. And very badly done, because it is the other side of the coin that no one should miss while traveling in this country of two different worlds. Not only the landscapes are different, the people and their culture perfectly match the jungle: the way they speak and interact, their customs, clothing, food and drinks... Everything changes in this Amazonian part. The mere fact of coming, even a couple of days, will have been worthwhile to discover this other reality of the country.

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