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Magic, music, colors. A territory that has it all: endless beaches of sand and palm trees, with the most crystalline water of all the seas; the Amazon rainforest, full of life and adventure; emblematic cities like São Paulo or Rio; music everywhere. Brazil is as varied as it is extraordinary. From the prosperous and industrial south to the poor but wonderful north. Down there the white race constitute the majority of the population, while in the North the blacks dominate the cities and towns. In between is Rio, which is fifty fifty. All Brazilians, regardless of their economic condition, greet you with broad smiles that make your day.


The best of the country of the samba is precisely the music, varied and acclaimed by the people. Sertanejo, forró, samba, bossa nova, popular Brazilian music, pagode and even the controversial funky are just some of the endemic styles,each more according depending on which region and in what situation. For example, sertanejo is very popular in the "churrascos" (barbecues). Also the variety and mixture of races is highlighted. In addition, Portuguese (especially Brazilian Portuguese) is a very nice language.

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