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I was an exchange student in Campinas (July to December 2013), a city that does not stand out for its beauty, precisely. However, it will always be one of the most special places for me, as it gave me innumerable moments of happiness and introduced me to the Brazilian culture. Nearby (and not so close) there are plenty of cool places waiting, some very mythical. These are the ones I visited, but there are many others: 

Campinas - São Paulo  

Campinas - Iguaçu

Campinas - Río y litoral (Paraty, Trindade)       

Campinas - Ubatuba-Caraguatatuba

Campinas - Minas Gerais (Ouro Preto, Lavras Novas, São Tomé das Letras)

Campinas - Manaus

This route through the Brazilian Northeast is a delight. Both culturally (mix of native, African and colonial heritages) and nature level. You will go through spectacular beaches and very beautiful towns and cities (and mountains, waterfalls, dunes...). Obviously, there are too many places and I do not know them all... But the ones you will see in this itinerary are worth ALL.


(São Paulo - Ubatuba - Paraty - Rio de Janeiro - Chapada Diamantina (Lençois and Vale do Capão). - Salvador de Bahia.)


(Salvador de Bahía - Maceió - Alagoas  - Maragogi  - Olinda/Recife  - Parque Nacional do Catimbau - Jacumã - João Pessoa - Natal)


(Natal - Parque Nacional de 7 cidades - Jericoacoara - Barreirinhas - Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses - São Luís - Alcântara)

Welcome to one of the great works of the Pacha Mama: the Pantanal, the largest wetland on the face of the Earth and one of the greatest spectacles in terms of landscapes, flora and fauna.

A unique adventure through the most abundant rivers and the leafiest (and full of life) jungles on the planet. In addition, the culture developed there has a special charm that one easily falls in love with.

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