We all say that our dogs are the best. Mine is not just the best,  she is also the most adventurous within the whole canine world!


It was in Samaipata, Bolivia where I ran into her. In fact, I did not even choose her, nor did she choose me. It was a nice Uruguayan girl, with which I coincided in time and space and who by chance found a litter of doggies in the outskirts of the town, close to the mountains. María Jesús was the name of this girl. "A male (human) is best complemented by a female (dog)”, she told me. Then she put the few two or three kilograms of dog in my arms. She could have given me any of her siblings and the story from that moment on would have been written differently. But no, she chose the black one with the two brown dots as eyebrows and whose future name would be Cocaí. These one-month old puppies were in terrible conditions. Fleas were the least. 


That night was Inti Raimy, the Inca New Year, the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. Cocaí stayed at the tent, along with his brother Munaí ("Love" in Quechua), rescued by María Jesús herself


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