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Besides traveling, I have other great passions. Writing is one of them. I have always liked to write, relate or express through paper. As a child my imagination (which was already my first ally to travel) led me to create tales and stories about parallel and magical worlds. Then, as a teenager, it was the time of rebellion, which I put in words in the form of hip-hop (hey, I could do a dog rap now!). Now, trips and adventures have led me to write these diaries.

The travel diaries were born with the idea of telling my parents what I was experiencing, so that they traveled with me, and so that this legacy would remain written forever. My parents liked them so much (how the hell they were not going to like them, they are my parents...) that encouraged me to continue writing my trips. Rereading from time to time those adventures lived and, above all, having them read by your family and friends is something great.

Now I have decided to go a step further and make them public. From the paper format we have gone to the electronic, but keeping the content in its fullness. The main purpose of publishing them is to encourage all those doggy travelers who have not yet decided to embark on a canine adventure. In addition, this could mean a small financial help to keep traveling with Cocaí and document more adventures around the world. If someone is interested, please come and see ;)


Basically, all the experiences that we live along the way. Some are everyday things in life, but many of them are magical, and sometimes almost unreal, things that can only be explained when one leaves their comfort zone and embarks on a journey of these characteristics. And even more when you travel with your dog. Seriously, some things can not be explained. All that Cocaí and I have lived together, both the hundreds of good moments and the most difficult ones (because obviously there are some), have always been accompanied by wonderful people who have helped us (from giving us a smile to offering accommodation). I promise you that there will be no shortage of excitement and adventures in your reading buddy .

Note. These diaries are only available in Spanish. At least for now...


Saga 1. South America

I tell my adventures on the continent of my dreams: South America. It is the discovery of all the places I have always wanted to visit: the paradisiacal Brazilian beaches, the exuberant and warm Amazon rainforest, the high Andes, the archaeological sites of the legendary pre-Columbian cultures, the wild Patagonia, the beautiful Pacific coast, the Galapagos Islands overflowing with life... And many others that were revealed to me on the route. Fifteen months full of travels, people, adventures... And the encounter with what is now my inseparable travel companion: Cocaí. The diary consists of 5 chapters. In the first three I am alone (without even the slightest idea that I am going to run into a dog). I narrate my trips through Brazil, Argentina, Chile and southern Peru. In the fourth and fifth ones I am already with Cocaí as a traveler companion. I tell the adventures in Bolivia, Brazil, northern Peru and Ecuador. As soon as I find Cocaí, there is a change on my trip (and in my life, but that is a different story). The trip until then was being incredible, but with Cocaí the degree of incredibility increases to a dimension hitherto unknown. I will meet many more people, will have a faithful companion and adventures even more incredible will take place. More than saving her life, this was a symbiosis.

This series is available in full. Soon I will tell you how you can get it.

Saga 2. North America.

It is the return to the Americas, almost two years later. This time it is the turn for the northern part of the continent. It is the re-encounter with Latin American culture in one of the most beautiful countries, with the warmest people and, above all, with the most delicious food on the planet: Mexico. It is the surprise of discovering that a culture and demonized citizens are not, at all, how they are thought to be: USA. It is the contact with the purest and wildest nature that I have seen anywhere: Canada. And much more. They are ? months of travel with Cocaí by my side, full of adventures and formidable people. Unlike the previous saga, here Cocaí has grown. She is not a puppy anymore. This will lead us to adopt the strategy to hitchhike as a means of transportation for everything. Many adventures and crazy stories that I hope make you laugh and encourage you to travel with your dog.
This diary consists of 3 chapters and it is already finished. I still need to pass it to a computer, though. I will let you know when it is available.

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