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The great advantage for the traveler who visits Ecuador is that everything is close, so he/she can easily organize a trip that has a bit of everything: Amazon jungle, Andean mountains, Pacific beaches. Without needing many days (if you have them much better!), without much effort you can travel this beautiful country giving the chance to these three cultures that compete to be the favorite of visitors. The truth is that all three are winners.

Many people believe that going to the Galapagos is very expensive and can only be done through a tourist package. While it is true that many of the islands are remote and can only be accessed on organized cruises paying a fortune (not to mention that much of the archipelago is reserved exclusively for researchers), the reality is that there is a good handful of places accessible to all of us and you can perfectly do it on your own at a (relatively) good price... And live the experience for what it is: the most exciting archipelago on the planet. As if that were not enough. you will also do it at your own pace. You do not need to see all the islands to enjoy that paradise of landscapes, that natural laboratory of unique animals. Iguanas, turtles, sea lions, finches, boobies, frigates and other wildlife are everywhere!


Access to the Galapagos is by air, being only able to fly from the national Quito or Guayaquil (around 200 dollars round trip). There are two ports of entry: Santa Cruz (Baltra) and San Cristóbal. In addition to these two, you can visit other islands, such as Isabela, Floreana and Santa Fe (only day tour). The transport from one island to another is by small motor boats (there are also planes, but they are very expensive). In each island there are many things to do on your own, while for others you will be required to hire a guide (the excursions, although variable, are around 30/40 dollars per person; you can also haggle over the price). For a complete tour, and since you have already paid for the flight, I recommend no less than ten days in this volcanic paradise. Here we will see the best of each “open” island.

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