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This stretch through the deep south is home to several must-see pearls. In addition, the adventure involves going through a piece of Chilean land (and the nightmare that the border implies), through pastures only populated by guanacos and crossing the Strait of Magellan (for which an expedition, led by Fernão de Magallanes, crossed for the first time from one ocean to the other). Places you must see before dying:

  • El Calafate and Perito Moreno

  • El Chaltén

  • Ushuaia

El Calafate y Perito Moreno

Large and lively town (at least in summer), in the province of Santa Cruz where everyone stops on their route to Perito Moreno (80 km away), in Los Glaciares National Park. There are several ways to go to the glaciers. The only one that you can visit on your own is Perito Moreno itself, in front of which a series of walkways run to enjoy it. On the other hand, you can also “take a walk” on the glacier with a guide (it is expensive). Finally, you can choose a boat tour through the channels of Lake Argentino where, in addition to the Perito Moreno, other beautiful glaciers (such as the Spegazzini and the Upsala) will be there greeting you (this excursion is also expensive).


El Calafate is also nearby the dazzling Torres del Paine National Park (Chile).

El Chaltén

Three hours north of El Calafate, this town is also within the confines of Los Glaciares National Park (northern part). The environment is also a dazzling beauty. However, the landscape is very different: change glaciers for mountains and forests. There are dozens of routes for lovers of climbing and hiking. Some of the most popular are: the climb to Mount Fitz Roy (also known as Cerro Chaltén), the highest in the region (3405 meters) and at whose feet the community rests; Cerro Torre; the Lake of the Three; the Lake of the Desert.


We are at the end of the world, far from everything: Tierra de Fuego. In addition to strolling through the streets and observe the way of life of the inhabitants of the southernmost city on the planet, Ushuaia, nestled in a spectacular bay between the Andes and the Beagle Channel, has much to offer: tour the Tierra de Fuego National Park (12 km to the west), full of amazing landscapes; hire a boat tour on the Beagle Channel, feeling a bit like Darwin and spotting sea lions, penguins and cormorants on islets (even going down on some small islands), while the guide tells you about the Fueguinos groups that not so long ago inhabited those lands; Take a ride on the Train of the Prisoners (Train of the End of the World), imagining the hard life the prisoners had in those remote lands.


Ushuaia is also the main port of departure for expeditions to Antarctica... But you will not set foot in those cold and wild lands unless you have a lot of money or you have a lot of luck getting a good deal (for example, working as a crew on ships).

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