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     Campinas - Ubatuba/Caraguatatuba 

Between Caraguatatuba and Ubatuba (and beyond ...), there is a series of wild and solitary beaches, surrounded by the Mata Atlântica Forest. They have nothing to envy to the famous beaches of the Northeast (which are also an authentic delight). Enter the other jungle of Brazil (I recommend walking the Trilha das Sete Praias; that is, the Trail of the Seven Beaches), surf its gigantic waves or, on the other hand, relax without doing anything but tanning lying on the sand. And smile because you are in paradise. I liked it so much that I went twice. If you have the chance camp on the beach (remember: Trail of the Seven Beaches). It is awesome. Or as Brazilians would say: Maravilhossso!


Finally, it is worth saying that this area also has beautiful waterfalls and natural spaces nearby. Come, everything is to be explored.

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