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Floreana, also known as Santa María, is one of the four inhabited islands... However, it only houses 100 souls, all concentrated in the cozy Puerto Velasco Ibarra hamlet. Most of its visitors arrive here with a one-day tour from Santa Cruz, but you can come in your own way to relax a few days and make friends with their 100 countrymen (a couple of boats a week depart from the pier of Puerto Ayora). Most of the island is wild and inaccessible, but you can do some things without paying a tour:


  • Interior of the island. There is a short road going (and ascending) to a beautiful interior area. At the end of it, there are some trails that lead you to see giant tortoises, caves and carved stones. 

  • Playa Negra (Black Beach). In the village itself, this black sandy beach is ideal for snorkeling, as its waters are the habitat of sea turtles, sea lions and tropical fish. The rocks are home to marine iguanas.

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