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This last section of the route through the Brazilian northeast gives us many amazing destinations. Not only beaches, but also areas in the interior. You cannot miss:


  • Natal

  • Sete Cidades National Park

  • Jericoacoara

  • Barreirinhas and Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

  • São Luis and Alcântara


This big city, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, offers alternative plans to the beach (which we like very much, but from time to time it is cool to do other things as well). Walk along the waterfront in the shadow of the skyscrapers; visit the Parque das Dunas (or Bosque dos Namorados, that is, the forest of lovers); visit the dunes of Genipabu (some agencies do tours on camels or buguis, but I do not support this); and, of course, eat. Regarding the latter, seafood stands out, in particular, the rodízios de camarão (prawns). That is to say, an all you can eat of prawns! You cannot imagine all the ways you can cook (and eat) prawns. Read more in "Brazilian food".

Sete Cidades National Park

A hidden gem off the beaten path. This Park in the state of Piauí, stands out for its incredible rock formations (many figures: turtle, elephant, Indian, etc) of about 190 million years of "life", as well as for its cave paintings. It is so named because there are seven separate rock groups. You can visit it by car, bicycle, or on foot. I recommend the bike, because it will give you time to do many excursions and it is a different way to visit a Park. In any case, a guide will accompany you when, which is good news because you will get very detailed information about the history of the site. At the entrance is the Hotel Fazenda Sete Cidades, with camping area for those who want to spend the night in this beautiful spot.


One of the most magical places in Brazil is in Ceará. Its beaches, its dunes, its lakes, its sunsets, its hippie atmosphere... Paradise, ladies and gentlemen. Wind surfers have another reason to come here. You can come to fight waves, I will wait for you lying in a hammock floating on warm and crystalline water.

Barreirinhas and Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

Barreirinhas is a beautiful village in Maranhão, which has one of the greatest treasures nationwide (and internationally speaking, I would add): the Lençóis Maranhenses. Extensions and extensions of dunes that house natural pools of blue waters between the mounds of sand. A show that, if you get to see it in good time, this is in the rainy season (best is between March and October), you will enjoy and remember forever.


Another excursion that you can do around Barreirinhas is to Atins (waterway) and Tutóia (road). They are picturesque fishing villages that are also the gateway to two deltas: the Preguica River and the Parnaíba River, respectively. Atins, in particular, is a visit highly recommended for its isolated location, and because along the way you will see varied things: remote and deserted beaches, some cool lighthouse, an island full of cappuccinos... (introduced species)

São Luis and Alcântara

The capital of Maranhão deserves your visit without any doubt. What does it offer? Well, above all, colonial art/architecture and rhythms/musicality: long life the reggae! This was very surprising to me, because I had no idea when I got there that people dance reggae at full volume in nightclubs and on the streets. And improvised reggae “rodas” are organized everywhere instead of the “regular” (samba) ones!


Also, its surroundings are wonderful. It is not necessary to go far in fact. On the other side of San Marcos Bay lies Alcântara, a village that can only be reached by boat. It is a small and beautiful village where you can eat very well. Do not miss the opportunity in your visit to chat with the locals. These destinations are very authentic, where mass tourism has not yet arrived.


And it was time to say goodbye to "Brasiu". At least for now... Até mais galera! My next destination was Argentine. Keep reading here. Also, you can read about other itineraries in Brazil here.

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