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The easternmost island and seat of the capital of the province has sensational places, many of which can be visited on foot, as they are two steps from the city. Others, however, require a guide.


What you can do on your own:

  • Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Stroll through the quiet capital, which has a lot of charm.

  • Interpretation Center. Learn about the history, geography and meaning of the Galapagos. It is on the outskirts of Puerto Baquerizo.

  • Playa Punta Carola. A beach with no people, but with hundreds of other beings… Here you will see sea lions so close you can almost touch them. But beware, they are not very nice if you try to approach them when they rest in the sand... However, surely some of them would not mind swimming around you if you take a dip!

  • Cerro de las Tijeretas. A trail of about 2 km that leaves the city and climbs up this small hill. The cliffs (and skies) are full of frigates (tijereta is a popular name for these birds in Spanish), and the views are awesome.

  • Laguna El Junco. Beautiful lagoon 700 masl that is 10 km from El Progreso, the last place accessible by road.

  • Playa de Puerto Chino. Isolated beach of turquoise waters where you can camp for free (previous permission required).


Guided tours:


Kicker Rock (in Spanish: El León Dormido). One of the must-see excursions for the traveler. A boat takes you to this giant rock, split in two, which stands out like a mountain in the middle of the ocean. And the adventure has just begun! Snorkeling (or diving) through those waters full of life, passing the tunnel left by the two high rock walls will allow you to see (among others): lots of colorful fish, octopuses, sharks of various species (including hammerhead sharks!), stingrays, turtles, sea lions... On the way back, the tour makes a stop at the beautiful beach of Manglesito to reduce a little all the accumulated adrenaline.

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