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The entrance to Argentina through here, province of Mendoza, is a success. This first part of northwestern Argentina has spectacular places along the way, including natural areas and historic cities. The Andean landscape is incredibly beautiful. These are some places that deserve your visit:


- Puente del Inca and Aconcagua Provincial Park

- Mendoza

- Córdoba and its mountains


 Note: You can read about Valparaíso in "From Puerto Montt to Valparaíso".

Puente del Inca and Aconcagua Provincial Park

Here we go with two authentic relics of Argentina (province of Mendoza) in the heart of the Andes. Puente del Inca is a natural geological formation shaped like a bridge that crosses a river of thermal and sulphurous waters, which gives the structure its intense yellow color. It is surrounded by an environment that looks like the Wild West. The Aconcagua Provincial Park (just 4 or 5 km away) has many hiking trails... And it is home to the Aconcagua, the highest peak in Argentina (6962 meters), South America, and the entire continent! And of the entire planet apart from the Himalayas. The best news is that its observation is totally feasible, walking a few kilometers from the entrance of the Park. The intrepid mountaineers can also climb it, but it will them take a “few” days. Those interested click here for more information.


The serious seismic episodes that hit the city led to a new architectural plan that included wide avenues and spacious squares. The result was one of the most beautiful cities of the Republic. You cannot miss the center, with tree-lined streets and stately buildings; the fantastic parks; and the Museum of the Foundational Area. In addition, wine lovers have another excuse to come here (especially red wines): Mendoza is among the best vineyards in the country and it is no accident that in this region about 70% of Argentine wine is produced. Long live the wine!

Córdoba and surroundings

Córdoba is beautiful and diverse. The second most populated city in the country breathes majestic colonial architecture, spacious squares, and always offers cultural events (exhibitions, concerts...) and entertainment (university city). In addition, it enjoys a beautiful mountain range with infinite points and interesting communities. Excellent for making friends, making crafts or playing music. Come and enjoy its history, its people and its surroundings.

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