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One question that many people ask me is how I manage to travel so much. The answer is easy: because I like it. I have not won the lottery nor am I the son of a Count. I do not do shady business either. I am an ordinary guy like any other. There is no secret formula that allows you to travel forever, although there are some tricks to prolong your adventure. The most important one: spend little. Interestingly, for me (and for many) the adventure is much more intense when you travel with little money. But saving is not enough. You have to work (or have worked), to stay so long on the road. Whether in hotels or restaurants, juggling, selling your photos or creating content on your YouTube channel. I love so much traveling that I want that as a way of life. For this, in addition to desire, work and perseverance, we must renounce important things such as day-to-day contact with family and friends (this is the hardest part). And accept that many times you will be judged by other people for not wanting to have a "normal" life.

Not having a routine. Meet people, learn from their cultures and share with them. Feel free and wild. See the real world, how great humanity can be. Be happy. That's why I travel.

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