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Southern Peru has it all friends. Beautiful cities, wonderful nature and culture. Above anything, culture. Peru is much more than Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is just the tip of the iceberg of paradise for lovers of ancient civilizations (especially the great Inca Empire). And current civilizations... Because the peoples from the coast, the Andes and the jungle are really worth knowing. You must come to know this region.

The north of Peru, much less frequented by travelers than its southern counterpart, has it all too: charming cities and towns, landscapes of all colors and unique archaeological sites of pre-colonial cultures. There are amazing places everywhere, so it is essential to visit its jungles, mountains and coast. Precisely, the fact of being less visited is what makes it more special, since you will have the opportunity to share with the Peruvians in a more intact way and scenario than the one in the southern zone. What beautiful people live in Peru.

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