Make up your mind to travel because things as wonderful as these can happen to you:

  • Get to a new country as Mexico and an unknown man give you a hand carrying your dog kennel on the road for 5 km.

  • Get to a new country as USA and a couple buy you a night in a hotel; next day you are invited to stay in a local family home after they give you a ride.

  • Get to a new country as Canada and being "adopted" by a marriage in their home until you find a job.

  • And so endless anecdotes that you will find out in all over the world and you would better find them out by yourself.

Why all these amazing things happened to me?

  • Solo traveler. I think in most of the ocassions you are more willing to engage in conversations with people when traveling alone. Even to cross glances. When you travel with your partners usually you focus more on them, and you miss meeting many people, especially local. When you go alone several things happen: you need more contact with people, you open yourself increasingly and you intimidate less the locals who in turn open up more a more with you. They may also be moved more easily when they see you alone.

  • Dog traveler. First of all: you are going to call attention in a blatant way and, therefore, you are going to establish contact with the population more quickly. Many of them will come to you without having to approach you to them. And many of them will be dog lovers! I owe Coqui much of what have happened!

  • And, of course, I am super nice and nobody can resist my charms! Everybody, including myself many times, think I am lucky. Once my father told me it was unbelievable what was happening in my trip, so many people helping me wherever my steps were going. “You must have powers or something”, he said. Once I wondered if it had nothing to do with my studies of psychology, perhaps applying all the influence and persuasion tactics to the different peoples and nations. But no, I do not think it's due to luck or Machiavellian tricks to gain the trust of the people. Just be always positive, get into the culture fully, be cool and smile. That would be enough. That way the odds of running into these mysterious beings that help you without wanting anything in return will increase.

There are incredible people from all corners of the planet, you just have to go get them!

(First I met Cocaí, then César... And before, during and after other beautiful human beings like these women of Limones, Ecuador)



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