Dog Travelers around the world

I am not the only crazy one who travels with his dog! Here you can take a look at other travelers who, like me, made a four-legged friend on the way, or did not want their dogs to stay at home, missing the trip of their lives. (Note: most of them are in Spanish)

  • Baldomero, Florencia and their doggie Sheng Long travel the beautiful Argentina from one end to the other. A highly recommended blog. We will follow your advice when we go to Argentina (which Coqui is eager to visit!). I hope you too:

  • Lauranne, Javier and Meko have traveled thousands and thousands of kilometers... Neither more nor less than from Spain to Thailand! Read his adventures at:

  • Sara gives us tips on traveling with dogs, pet friendly places and her own experiences traveling with her dog Kiba:

  • Pablo and Hippie are here for the bikers and more adventurous. With their solidarity projects they do not intend to stop traveling the world by bike doing good and until their legs hold up:

  • Vir, Ale, Pioja and Pumba have many stories to tell you about their travels in South America, as well as wise advice to offer. Whether you plan to travel in a motorhome or if you see yourself riding a bike with your dog, take a look at their site:

  • Aude, Martin and Hyouki are also visiting Latin American lands, specifically Argentina and Chile. In French:

Other websites that can help you as a dog traveler

Other doggy websites

Here you have some interesting websites about dogs, from music to animal behavior. For dogs and music lovers: AcousticTrench.

For those who want to explore doggy games and learn from the skills and personality of their closest companions. Dr Brian Hare: "By understanding your dog's mind, you'll build a deeper connection with the personality behind the bright eyes that greet you every day."

Course Course conducted also by Brian Hare: Dog Emotion and Cognition. Learn for free thousands of things about your buddy .


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