Basic advice: before starting your dog adventure

Getting into the adventure of a dog trip can be very easy... Or very difficult. Everything depends on a series of characteristics in relation to your dog and yourself. I have elaborated the seven reasons that for me have more weight at the time of undertaking this adventure. If you meet these "requirements", you should not have problems. Here we go with what you have to have:


All doggy adventures require a buddy. Like many of you, I am totally against the sale of pets in stores. I feel sorry for the dogs, cats and other fauna that "live" there, which should not be there and deserve (as the rest of animals) to be rescued and belong to a home/family, but it is a business that leaves much to be desired. Everywhere there are shelters full of dogs waiting for you. Also, in many countries there are many street dogs, many of them super friendly. I adopted Cocaí from the street a bit by chance and without looking for it. Of course, if you adopt a stray dog you cannot later abandon him/her when it is no longer fun, at the first chance. The best thing for that dog would be that you adopt him/her definitively, because a bond will have been created and it will be a hard blow if he loses you. But if you cannot continue your trip with your buddy, try to leave him/her in good hands, and not back on the street. This is a serious issue, because there are many travelers who find it funny to travel with a dog for a while but then they get tired and do not even bother to get them a home.

If you adopt me, I will be your faithful friend forever


Keep in mind that each culture has its own customs and that people do not have to think in the same way as you do about the treatment of animals. No way of thinking is the most correct, they are simply different. Open your mind as with any other aspect at the cultural level. For some, a dog is an animal that lives on the street, while for others it is a member of the family, almost almost with the same rights as the rest of the "herd". For some, the freedom of their companions will prevail, allowing them to go out to the street at their ease and return home whenever they please; for others, welfare and care will prevail and they will walk them on the leash almost without exception. In many places you will find that more than a pet or a family animal, the dog is the guardian, the protector of property, or has other utilitarian purposes (defense, livestock ...). There are countries where, for many people, a dog is no more than another animal, comparable to a cow or a grasshopper. There are even places where they are considered dirty animals and they are despised. Find out beforehand where you are going with your dog.

Each country is different. Tolerance and respect are very important


It is very important that he or she listens to you, and preferably that you have a quiet dog. It can be an independent dog, but he/she must pay attention if you want to take him/her with you on a trip and you do not want to go crazy. Unless you want to keep your buddy on the leash all the time, which I do not think it is the case... Also, in some areas there are many stray dogs and it would be better that your friend is a submissive one.

"Cocaí: sit"


Patience is going to be your best ally for everything: whether it is time to travel by hitchhiking, look for a dog-friendly lodging, or face the setbacks that are getting in your way. If you are a person who stresses easily I do not know if this would be your trip.

Take it easy!


There are four basics that you will be asked for (but there may be more depending on the destination): rabies vaccine, deparasitation (tick treatment), chip and health certificate from a veterinarian. Click here for more information.

It is a pain, but I always have everything in order. Now it's your turn


Just be brave. Traveling with a dog is possible. It is more difficult, because there are many obstacles (transport and accommodation are the main ones), but it is plausible and great. There are always ways to travel with your four-legged friend. Obviously, if you have your own vehicle, everything will be easier, but if not and your budget is limited, do not worry. Travel by hitchhiking, you will also make it. And take a tent (you will need it). Read some of my posts to get rid of that initial fear, that invisible barrier that makes you believe that it is not possible. Then, take your backpack and your dog and hit the roads, there is not much to think or plan. Just trust yourself.

Traveling by "thumb" is no harder with a dog by your side. In fact, sometimes it is rather the opposite


It is similar to the previous point, but I consider it a step above. While courage is something that is learned or decided, craziness is something that you are from the moment you are born. Or not... You can also learn it! I do not know. Either way, you need both: one pair and another pair. You need that spark of madness that drives you to keep traveling with your dog.

Bob the playmobil sailing the Amazon River shortly before a little boy kept it forever…

Well, my friend, these are the requirements you will need. Very easy, don't you think? Have them all? Let's go: it is adventure time with your doggy! I recommend you to first go through the "Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling with your Dog" section, before accessing more information about transportation, accommodation, papers you will need, etc.

I am ready! You?


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