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Traveling with a dog is tough stuff, especially if you do not have a car. But it is possible. There are more and more people who are being encouraged to undertake this unique adventure, the best in the world. And that's what this post is about. Here we will see that I am not the only crazy soul who travels with his dog without his own car: there are other dog travelers who are trotting (or have trotted) around the globe without any means of transport or bicycle. From different nationalities, around different countries and continents, with different strategies... And with unique stories. Just one thing in common: the experience of an incredible adventure. Come and read.



These two friends started their trips with Agility's canine competitions around Europe... And ended up backpacking through countries like Mexico, Panama and Colombia. To accomplish this they made use of a varied repertoire of means of transport: bus, bike, plane, boat... But above all, the art of asking for a ride on the roads.

She doesn’t have a website or social networks, but you can read more about their story in this post she wrote for this blog: NUSKA’S TRAVEL EXPERIENCES, THE SMALL HAIRED WARRIOR


This tongue twister means something like "traveling with claws" in Polish. Isa and Peter have been with their dog Snupi to four continents, traveling in the most adventurous possible way. That is, raising their thumbs. Their last adventure, the jump to Latin America, crossing the ocean by hitchhiking too. It is demonstrated that today everything is possible, even a transatlantic hitchhiking. You only have to go from marina to marina or port to port, asking if someone can give you a ride! Although their blog and its networks are in Polish, it's worth checking out:

Youtube: Travel with Claw [travel with dog]

Instagram: podroze_z_pazurem


A Ukrainian couple who found a newborn dog abandoned in India... And kept him! They traveled with the small Chapati around several Asian countries before coming back home safely (and more alive than ever). A story similar to ours. Although we are not that famous... Chapati has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram! Then they have made other short trips around Europe. Who knows what their next trip will be!They do not have a personal blog, but they do have networks. Instagram and Facebook: travelingchapati.


These are us! But a summary never hurts. Cocaí was abandoned in Bolivia shortly after birth and we found ourselves on the road when I was passing by on my trip through South America. We have made two large trips of more than one year each (South America and North America) and other shorter trips around Europe. We use our thumbs as a fundamental travel weapon, although if they let us board a bus from time to time we will be happy too. We always carry our portable house and sleep in beautiful places!


Instagram and Facebook: viajerosperrunos



Pablo and Hippie... Hippie and Pablo. These two Spanish friends started pedaling in 2010. Well, Hippie does not try hard, but she is an expert in getting into the basket and hanging on the curves! They have traveled together through many countries in Europe and Morocco and are an icon for the cycling community (and dog one!). They are dedicated to raising funds or raising awareness about different causes. Discover more in his fantastic blog:

In addition, Pablo makes some beautiful videos. You can watch them on his YouTube channel:

Instagram and Facebook: bikecanine


Sebas and Nguru (Ngu for friends) are two Argentine pals who travel around South America by bike, mainly in Chile and Argentina. They have already traveled on two wheels over 12,000 km! All their travel story is beautiful, starting from the origin. Sebas was touring the native towns of Argentina, when he found a stray dog in very bad conditions. What things are, since then they are inseparable. He called him Nguru, which means "fox" in Mapuche. His trips focus mainly on traveling through rural and natural areas, meeting people and hiking the mountains. There is a very emotive video on his Facebook page (rodar tierra). They're rodartierra on Instagram too. His website today (August 2018) is under construction, but it is


Travel companions of Anna and Nuska (see above), have made some trips by bike through Aztec lands (their homeland) and Europe. Unlike the rest of the cycle travelers, Telera does not travel in a basket, but in a trailer. As you can see, there are different ways to travel with a dog on a bike!He has no blog or networks, but you can read the story that started them traveling together by clicking here.


An Argentine couple traveling through Latin America on a bicycle with their dog Ona. What they are most passionate about is nature, and in that Ona could not agree more.They do not have a web or blog, but you can follow their doggy adventures in social networks. They are like ciclovoladores on Instagram and Facebook.


A great trip through Latin America by hitchhiking opened the eyes of this Spanish couple. They discovered that traveling was their passion, and they were not going to leave their dog Mus never again. Now in 2018 they have embarked with their canine on the great adventure of crossing Europe from south (Tarifa, Spain) to north (North Cape, Norway) by bike. You can follow their adventures at:

Youtube: Viajar and Roll

Instagram and Facebook: viajarandroll


Luba and Tom... And their two pups Phoebe and Lolo! This Slovak couple also travels by bike with their dogs (twice!). They are going through all of America, from Canada to Argentina. Piece of cake! They have been on the route since May 2017 and are in Mexico at the moment, so this trip is going to take them longer than they thought.The blog is in English and in their native language, in case anyone understands Slovak!

Beautiful photos on the blog itself, as well as on their Instagram and Facebook: stepoutandexplore

As you can see none of these travelers are willing to leave their four-legged friends at home. It does not matter that we have to pedal or wait on the roads for hours. It does not matter that reaching each proposed destination is more difficult. It does not matter that 99% of the time we do not know where we are going to spend the night (in fact, all these things are actually part of the charm!). What really matters is sharing this adventure with our dogs. By this I mean that not only can you travel with your bud without a vehicle and with little money, but it is the most wonderful thing in the world.

What about you, do you know anyone else who travels with her/his dog without a motor vehicle? Tell us that story so we can include it in this space!


Although this entry is dedicated to those who travel without a car, it does not mean that I do not like those who travel by car. In fact Cocaí and I love traveling by car (we usually do it when we are in Spain). I simply wanted to highlight these travelers because I consider that transport is the biggest obstacle for those who travel with a dog, and we still do it. It is my way of encouraging those who have doubts about whether to do it or not. But there are many other stories of people taking their dogs wherever they go, whether on a motorcycle, car, caravan or yacht. Let's see one that I love.


Sara and Gingy Mou met in Zambia and since then they have toured different African countries, doing long hikes through the wildest places. Not many dogs can say that they have traveled around Africa! Now they are back in Spain. I do not know if they will return to the road one day, but what is clear is that they will never forget that trip together on the less explored continent. Sara takes very good pictures and her blog is very cool, although it is only in English:

Her Instagram is, and her Facebook Nomad Dog.


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