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How can you keep traveling as long as possible? Many backpackers have the same fears. What if I run out of money? Well, money is certainly one of the issues that most slows people to hit the road for a long trip. But this should not be a deterrent to anyone, since there are many ways to avoid expenses and make some money while traveling. You are not going to make yourself a millionaire, but what traveler does look for that? The millions are in the seas, its waves and its color; In the forests, its life and its smell; In the mountains, its sights and its energy; In the towns that you visit and its folks; In the adventures that await you, different every day... For me the key is in saving, spending as little as possible. For example, traveling by hitchhiking and sleeping in your tent or doing Couchsurfing. But you can choose one of the following methods, combining a low budget travel and making money along the way.


Scholarships (study or work). My two greatest adventures so far began due to a scholarship. Apply to whatever, be it an exchange of studies, a volunteer or a job, whether abroad or in your own country. Just try to discover what is out there in that moment and go for it. Any excuse is perfect to start a trip.

Internship in Campinas, Brazil

Internship in Monterrey, Mexico

Apply for a work permit. One of the most popular is the Working Holiday Visa (WHV). It will allow you to work in countries where salaries are quite high and make money for a long trip. At the same time that you live a unique experience in a different country, meeting people and developing new learning and skills (whether language, musical, manual skills...). You can apply, among others, to Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but the requirements vary depending on your country of origin.

Building furniture in my first day of work in Port Renfrew, Canada

Street art: Music, circus, handicrafts, photography... There are even those who offer their massage services in their portable stretcher. We all have a gift, it is just that some of us do not know our yet! I have traveled with my djembe in Ukraine and, although I did not use it to make money, we had great moments and I got to meet many people.

Walking around Bachisaray, Crimea

Real Ukranian musicians!

Blogs. I think nowadays is very difficult to make money with a blog. I am starting this blog with the idea to help others, especially those who want to travel with their dogs. But you never know! Maybe it succeeds and gives me a few bucks.

Hostels, bars... There is a lot of offer and especially in countries where there is not so much regulation.

Selling personal items before starting your trip. You can sell from your watch to your bike/car. Two things you will not need in your new destiny.


Tours in the cheapest countries. For example if you are traveling in South America and you plan to go to the Amazon jungle, it will be cheaper in Bolivia or Ecuador than in Brazil. I did tours in the three countries and Brazil was the most expensive by far.

Swimming in the Santa Rosa de Yacuma Reserve, Bolivia

Choose the cheapest destination. Likewise, if you are planning your next trip and have doubts among several countries that fascinate you and that you have always wanted to visit (and assuming your budget is small), choose the cheapest one. It is a great way to save money. For example, if you doubt between Chile and Peru, the second is infinitely cheaper.

Come and visit Peru, pe!

Travel by hitchhiking. You will spend nothing in transportation. In fact, sometimes could even happen that some people give you food or money (or even accommodation!). So that would be another way to save and make money! I have met really amazing people on the road who gave me (and my dog) so many things. You can read more on traveling by hitchhking here. Also, you can find these exciting adventures in my diaries!

Trying to get to Calakmul, Mexico

Travel with your tent. Not only it is cheap, or free on many occasions, but it is also incredible. Here you can take a look on some posts I have prepared for you for the occasion, with pictures of the places where Coqui and I "have dared" to sleep in these last years. Go getting ready!

A family let us settle down in their "palapa" in the beach with no charge; Marquelia, Guerrero, Mexico

Couchsurfing. In addition to saving money, this is one of the best ways of meeting local people. These guys open their homes for you, just like that. If you haven´t hear about this beautiful platform yet, take a look at the website: Couchsurfing. Then enjoy these people to the fullest. A good alternative for cyclists is Warmshowers.

New Year Eve with Eder and his mother at their house in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Volunteers that cover you lodging and food. Some good choices are HelpX, Woofing and Workaway. They are very similar. I have just done HelpX and I am very happy with my experience, although you have to be careful with some people there. Before my great experience I had a really bad one. Anyway, if you are not comfortable with your HelpX (or the others), just get out of there and find another. There are really good guys waiting for you. On the other hand, in Latin America it is quite easy to find families that will welcome you if you help a little, and will provide you with good food and a unique company. This is the next option.

Living a month in a house like this at Saurat, French Pyrenees

Where your dog is really really happy

And where you meet wonderful people

Offer yourself to some family to help in exchange of accommodation/food. In addition to saving, you will get to know a local family from inside. Super recommended.

In my particular case, I was so lucky to participate in a nice project carried out at Boca Manu town, Peru; Eugenia, my host by chance, gives some water to these kids

And the working days were not easy!

Offering a deal: help for something in return. This can range from helping as a crew member on a little boat trip, as I did in the Southern Peruvian jungle, to do it for an ocean liner (or a cargo). I met a Frenchwoman who had come all the way from the Canary Islands (Spain) to Venezuela by boat, in exchange for helping the captain! You can check out the FindaCrew website if interested in sailing. A good way of traveling around the world and acquiring some knowledge on that wonderful world. I also met a group of four friends, dog travelers indeed, who worked for six weeks on a farm´s guy in exchange of a car. What I mean by this is that there is lots of possibilities. Almost as many as you can imagine.

I just had to help to carry boxes on this boat and draw water with a bucket in exchange of a ride to a river town; Edén to Boca Manu, Peru

Eat in the streets, markets and economical kitchen stalls. In the dining rooms of countries like Peru, Bolivia or Ecuador you will not spend practically anything, it is super cheap. And the best thing is that it is usually balanced healthily speaking and delicious.

In a local dining, at Sandrita´s, obviously!; Same, Ecuador

Dumpster Diving. Refers to the search for useful goods in the garbage containers of supermarkets, residential centers or offices. Supermarkets routinely dispose of food before the expiration date either due to overstock, imperfections or minor defects. Often, this food is safe for consumption. If you are spending a season in a big city or town it is a great way to save money.

Travel with a stove. Especially in expensive countries, such as on a route through North America or Europe. It will save you a lot of money and you will gain in quality of life (especially if you spend a lot of time in natural places). Don't eat only sandwiches, take advantage of cooking hot and rich things with your small portable stove!

Not partying (in excess I mean!). I know this is not an option for many, though! Personally, when traveling, I would rather go to green and rural areas than cities, so I do not usually party much. So I save a lot here. But sometimes the body asks you out!

My friends Noelia and Aydalith in a party in my house at Campinas, Brazil

Celebrating New Year´s Eve in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Quit smoking. I know it is hard, but if you do not do it for your health do it for traveling! While everyone spends their money on whatever they feel like, you can save a lot for a great trip if you "just" turn off the cigarette, buddy.


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