My top 10 Argentina

It is really complicated to make a top 10 for all of Argentina. I will make two, one for the north and one for Patagonia. These are my lists:


1. Cafayate and Quebradas de las Conchas and de las Flechas

Wonderful town for its white wines, for gathering many backpackers, and for its situation: in the middle of beautiful mountains and with two routes to the north of the country, both amazing. You can go by the spectacular Quebrada de las Conchas or by the wonderful Quebrada de las Flechas, then take the Cuesta del Obispo, near Los Cardones National Park and the beautiful town of Cachi. Everything is just gorgeous.

2. Quebrada de Humahuaca and its towns

Another majestic Quebrada with towns like Purmamarca, Maimará, Tilcara or Humahuaca (trip to Iruya highly recommended) on the way through. Apart from the beautiful landscapes you will find lots of music and art along the way.

3. Iguazú Falls

One of the biggest visual and auditory shows in the world.

4. Puente del Inca (The Inca Bridge) and Aconcagua Provincial Park

These two natural relics are very close to each other. The first one is a rocky formation made of unreal colors in the middle of the Andes. The second is nothing more and nothing less than the highest mountain outside Asia. Climbing to the top can take you around four to six days (I think), but just to see it from the park itself will amaze you.

5. Córdoba and surroundings

Beautiful and lively town surrounded by a mountain range with many places to explore.

6. El Mollar and Tafí del Valle

Facing each other with a lake that separates them and lots of green areas.

7. Amaicha del Valle

A picturesque town in the middle of the mountains. There are many corners to explore and you will probably find quirky and interesting travelers.

8. Lihué Calel National Park

In the middle of the Pampas, "wrapped in nothingness". A very interesting desert space where nature and anthropology converge.

9. Buenos Aires

A beautiful city that will offer you a thousand things to see and do.

10. Sierra de la Ventana and Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park

This pleasant environment is ideal to disconnect a few days from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Other interesting places that I do not know: Valle de la Luna, Mar del Plata, Rosario, Catamarca.


1. Lanín National Park

Spectacular National Park, just a few km from Junín de los Andes. There are many hiking routes, including the ascent to Lanín volcano (you will need good weather to do it).

2. Ushuaia

The fact that it is the southernmost city in the world is cool, especially for all the kilometers and adventures that you will face on the way. But this is just an anecdote for a place where you can do things like navigate the Beagle Channel where Darwin passed "a few" years ago to see islands inhabited by penguins, cormorants and sea lions, or go to the incredible Tierra de Fuego National Park.

3. Península de Valdés and Punta Tombo

Enjoy all the fauna that emanates from these two places.

4. El Chaltén

The paradise of climbers and hikers.

5. Calafate and Los Glaciares National Park

A place of lavishness in which immense blocks of ice float, among them the Perito Moreno.

6. San Martín de los Andes y Road of the 7 Lakes

A town with a bit of history of El Che and a road full of beautiful lakes which ends in Villa La Angostura, where you can get the best ice creams in the world.

7. El Bolsón and Lago Puelo National Park

Great town to meet people with good vibes and enjoy an environment full of nature and tranquility. Lake Puelo is so beautiful.

8. Bariloche and around

Bariloche has a lot of places nearby such as El Ventisquero Negro, Los Arrayanes National Park or Nahuel Huapi Lake. In addition, it is very close to Villa La Angostura and the 7 Lakes.

9. Los Alerces National Park

A lovely park for various excursions. Nearby Esquel.

10. Ritual of mate or asado (kind of barbecue but much better)

Sharing a mate is a wonderful thing. For meat lovers, Patagonia will be paradise, with delicious roasts here and there.

Other interesting places I do not know: Perito Moreno (town), Monte León National Park.


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