My top 10 Bolivia

Here we go with my favorites places in this beautiful country:

1. Sajama National Park

Simply brutal. The "Nevado" of Sajama, the highest point in Bolivia, greets an entire area of the impressive Andes, inhabited by llamas. More authentic impossible.

2. Salar de Uyuni and Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve

The largest salt desert on Earth and a land dotted with green and red lagoons, fumaroles, natural spas and amazing mountains.

3. Rurrenabaque y jungle tours

In the middle of the Amazon you can enjoy either a trip to the lush jungle in Madidi National Park, or one to the swampy jungle in Santa Rosa de Yacuma, where thousands of tropical animal species await.

4. Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun), Lake Titicaca

Magic point on the face of the Earth. A lake at 4000 meters high, inhabited by a population deeply rooted to its roots despite tourism. Breathe in this tranquility.

5. Samaipata

Between the jungle and the mountains, with a pleasant climate and many interesting travelers. In fact, it is also known as Samaitrapa, because many travelers stay there for long seasons (you get trapped!). For me, it will always be one of the most special places, because it is the spot that gave life to Cocaí.

6. Coroico and Death Road

Another village between the mountains and the jungle, very beautiful and with ideal surroundings for hiking. If you can get here from La Paz by bike on the Death Road, an adventure full of adrenaline, would be the icing on the cake.

7. Jungle Towns

The Bolivian jungle is very extensive and many places are practically inaccessible. But it is worth discovering their villages to see how their people live. An experience you will never forget.

8. Altiplano Cities: La Paz, Sucre y Potosí

Each one deserves a separate section because they are very different, but I wanted to include them all in the top 10. Surrounded by mountains, these cities have a lot of art, museums, typical foods and natural places very close (for instance El Ojo del Inca - The Inca's Eye -, in Potosí).

9. Roboré

A hidden gem, this river carries thermal waters where you will not get tired of swimming surrounded in paradise.

10. Toro Toro National Park

A remote village with fossils and giant dinosaur footprints, as well as being surrounded by an environment where you can visit caves, mountains and much more. You can go from Cochabamba, interesting city too, by the way.

Other points that I do not know personally but deserve a visit: Tarija, Tupiza, Madidi National Park (from Rurrenabaque), Noel Kempff National Park (very remote!), Amboró National Park (from Samaipata), Jesuit Missions Zone.


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