My top 10 Chile

Here we go with my favorites places in Chile:

1. Torres del Paine National Park

To walk and to camp in a sensational Park. The "W", the "O", or whatever you want, the thing is enjoy a good hike.

2. Porvenir King Penguin Reserve

The only King Penguin colony out of Antarctica awaits you near Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego. You can visit it from Punta Arenas, a port city with green spaces bordering.

3. Chiloé Island

Magical island: for its landscapes, its towns and, above all, its legends of sorcerers. Watch the wonderful sunsets, visit colonies of penguins (Magallanes and Humboldt species), travel through the Chiloé National Park, eat tasty food and talk to the locals in the fishing villages (and ask some fishermen to take you to some unknown corner or island).

4. Valparaíso

Street art in abundance and urban chaos make up this interesting and lively city.

5. Puyehue National Park

An unforgettable route to the top of a wonderful volcano.

6. Queulat National Park

More than in Patagonia it seems that you are in the jungle in this beautiful Park. The Ventisquero Colgante (a glacier) is its main attraction.

7. Valdivia and surroundings

Explore this coastal city where its people and sea lions will welcome you. Congratulations to the seafood lovers!

8. Puyuhapi Thermal Baths

Natural hot springs that spring from the same soil. A spa that has provided us Mother Earth to relax and de-stress our exhausted legs of so much walking in Patagonia. And it is free!

9. Putre Lauca National Park

The continuation of the Sajama National Park (Bolivia), in the middle of the Andes at altitudes of 5000 meters. The beauty of mountains and lakes dazzles.

10. Santiago de Chile

The Chilean capital, among Andean mountains, has many museums, hills with beautiful views and is very lively.

Other interesting places that I do not know: Atacama Desert, Pumalín, Alerce Andino National Park, Pucón and Villarrica National Park, Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, Nevado Ojos del Salado (highest active volcano in the world), Easter Island, Robinson Crusoe Island.


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