My top 10 Ecuador

Here we go with my favorite places in this wonderful nation:

1. Galapagos Islands

Darwin did not stay so long in this natural laboratory to come up with the hypothesis of the Natural Selection... He stayed because it is the paradise! Unique animal and plant species by sea, land and air within a unique archipelago that breathes life. Definitely something great this sanctuary where each island will surprise you more.

2. Portete

A small community that rests on an infinite beach full of palm trees, frequented by turtles, and with the bio-luminescence phenomenon. Pure magic. You can visit from the interesting town of Mompiche, where there are also very nice beaches, including a nudist one, which is not very frequent over those lands.

3. Otavalo and surroundings

Despite tourism, which takes away a little charm, it is a must. Stroll through its streets and its colorful market, and visit the lagoons and surrounding villages in the mountains.

4. Quito

Simply one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In addition, it has many special places nearby such as Otavalo, Mindo, Cotopaxi...

5. San Lorenzo and Manglares Cayapas Mataje Ecological Reserve

Despite being small, Ecuador enjoys a surprising variety, which is evident when one goes into places like San Lorenzo, where tourism hardly hits. Enjoy with Afro-Ecuadorian citizens and with an amazing mangrove forest.

6. Central Coast

On the one hand, land of crazy characters and party at the coastal town of Montañita. On the other, nature and tranquility in Puerto López and Machalilla National Park (includes the beautiful Isla de la Plata), or in the town of Canoa.

7. Cuenca and Cajas National Park

Gorgeous colonial city and a giant Park in the wasteland that has nothing in the world quite like it.

8. Mindo

Cloud forest full of butterflies, birds (lots of hummingbirds) and other animals that will join you on your excursions crossing rivers and waterfalls on your way.

9. Cotopaxi National Park

The second highest volcano in Ecuador is a beauty that you must discover.

10. Vilcabamba, Loja and Podocarpus National Park

Two beautiful cities located in the south of the country that, although they are very different from each other, agree that they have much to offer. From both you can visit the idyllic Podocarpus National Park.

Other places of interest that are worth a lot: Baños, Tena and Misahuallí, Same, Esmeraldas.

Other places that I recommend, which I do not know personally: Latacunga and Quilotoa, train through Ambato and Riobamba, Sangay National Park, Coca (or Francisco de Orellana) and Yasuní National Park.


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