My top 10 Peru

Very difficult to make a top 10 for such a large country with a thousand amazing things, but here are my ten favorites:

1. Choquequirao

Unlike its cousin Machu Picchu, this Inca and nature sanctuary is hardly frequented by people. And that is what makes it so magical. In addition, you need a multi-day hike through spectacular mountains to get here, which makes it even more special.

2. Huascarán National Park

Andean zone of a stratospheric beauty to get lost in the mountains for several days to several months if necessary. Very authentic villages reside there.

3. Cuzco, Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley) and Machu Picchu

Legendary city, legendary Valley and legendary Wonder of Nature. No more to say.

4. Gocta, Kuélap and Cohechán area

In such a small space you can enjoy these three incredible attractions in the north of Peru. A waterfall until very recently unknown, an archaeological site of the Chachapoyas civilization that has little to envy the Incas, and a rural area made up of very authentic villages, valleys, ruins and much more.

5. Tarapoto and waterfalls and lakes in the surroundings

Green and lots of water await at the exit of the hot Amazon jungle and before entering the Andes. Ideal for pleasant walks and baths in rivers and beautiful waterfalls.

6. Around Manu National Park

Although the entrance to this park is too expensive, which is a shame, you can approach the surroundings of this area so full of fauna and flora (one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet) to, in addition to seeing many animals, know the way of life of these peoples of the jungle. An adventure that you will never forget.

7. Arequipa and Colca Canyon

Colonial city very clean and well maintained; One of the most beautiful and deepest canyons in the world (watch out for the way back, which is deadly) where the emblematic condor abounds.

8. Iquitos

Come to this frenetic chaos in the middle of the jungle, it is unique in its kind. Lifestyles, streets, markets will leave you speechless. So much to see around.

9. Trujillo, Huanchaco and Chan Chan

Nice city, from which if you get tired you can go to relax to the small beach town of Huanchaco or to the beautiful ruins of the Chimu civilization: Chan Chan, a city of adobe.

10. Ayacucho

Beautiful city in the Peruvian highlands (the altiplano), where besides walking the streets and enjoy the local crafts and markets, you can go to the point where the final battle of the independence of Peru from Spain took place.

Other places that I recommend and that could well be in the top 10 (everyone to his own taste): Huacachina, Cajamarca, Moyobamba, Nazca Lines from viewpoints (you can see only two this way), Chiclayo and Pimentel.

Others I have not done but I have heard they are incredible: Cotahuasi Canyon, Uros Islands and other islands of Lake Titicaca, Nazca Lines by plane (you can see all of them, but it is expensive), Paracas Reserve, Pucallpa, Mancora.


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