My top 10 United States

This top 10 is based in the states of Arizona, Utah, California, Oregon and Washington.

1. Moab, Canyonlands NP and Arches NP

A town among the mountains, where the legendary Colorado river runs and with two of the most impressive Parks that one can ever get to know side by side. Canyons, arches and other natural formations that will leave you speechless.

2. Route 395 (California)

The Sierra Nevada to the west marks a route in vertical axis that is pure spectacle. It goes from Southern California to Washington, but I only traveled through the southern section. Take a tour of the Alabama Hills (scene of films like Iron Man or Django Unchained) and visit nice towns on your way like June Lake.

3. Oregon Coast

All the Oregonian coast is full of State Parks, all different and all gorgeous. Some of the places along the coast are: Harrys Beach, Bullards Beach, Jessie M Honeyman Memorial, Seal Rock, Newport. Stop in one, enjoy; stop in the next, enjoy; and so on until you see the green of the forests, the yellow of the dunes, the blue of the sea. Ideal for traveling with your dog for two reasons: the citizens are super dog friendly and the State Parks do allow our buddies.

4. Bryce Canyon NP and Zion NP

Two parks that house amazing arches and other rock formations in southern Utah. The first one is wilder and more solitary; the second one is more touristy, but it is beautiful.

5. Painted Desert and Petrified Forest NP

A mountainous desert with red, blue and green tones. Spectacular. Camp over here and you will feel as if you were on Mars. The Petrified Forest (tree trunks converted into stone) is located within the Desert.

6. Grand Canyon NP

One of the mythical attractions that will leave you speechless. Go deep into the bowels of the Colorado River canyon enjoying amazing landscapes. The climb back will not be so pretty, though ;)

7. Death Valley NP

A huge Park that varies far and wide: dunes, craters, mountains, deserts of cactus, and even some waterfall.

8. San Francisco and surroundings

From skyscrapers to beaches, forests and hills in the surroundings. From the day views to the night views. San Francisco is great.

9. Humboldt Redwoods State Park and Redwood National and State Park

Walk through these forests where the highest tree in the world (from the sequoia family) lives.

10. Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree NP

Two different natural areas that have in common that they are deserts and that harbor cactus of all kinds and colors. But there is much more than that…

Other incredible scenarios in these five western states: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Sedona, Natural Bridge National Monument, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Tucson and Saguaro NP, Olympic National Forest, Portland.

Other essentials that I did not have the pleasure of paying a visit: Yosemite NP, Sequoia NP, King Canyon NP, San Diego, Olympic NP, North Cascades NP, Crater Lake NP, Seattle, Silver Falls Provincial Park, Dixie National Forest, Monterey.


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