Why travel with a tent being a dog traveler

Our trips are synonymous with camping. Let's say that we spent between 70 and 80% of the nights in our tent. The rest is completed with hostels, family rooms and Couchsurfing. Carrying camping equipment can be a bit heavy, but our trips would not be the same without our portable house. Definitely, if you are traveling with your dog, the best thing you can do is bring a tent in your backpack. It's worth it for all these reasons:

1. We both love it

Sleeping with the sounds of nature and opening the tent in the morning are the two best sensations in the world. Your partner will be immensely happy in an outdoor place. And you too.

2. Greater contact with nature and the possibility of long hikes

Traveling with a dog "forces you" to spend more time in rural and natural areas, because there everything is easier and it is where you will feel more comfortable. The connection with nature will be abundant, you will feel more alive and wild than ever, and you will learn tricks to be worthy of yourself away from civilization and society. Not to mention that with a tent will make it possible for you to make long routes of several days, weeks, and even months. It allows you to start routes in the afternoon without fear of sleeping outdoors and make multiple-day excursions through the most spectacular forests and mountains (in the section of nature and camping you can see some routes we have done).

3. Bye to the problems of finding dog-friendly accommodations

In nature there is no problem when it comes to finding accommodation with your dog. No one will forbid you to stay (Hallelujah!). We can sleep practically wherever we want. Also in almost every campground dogs are allowed (it is pretty unusual the ban of dogs in campgrounds). In short, it will give you more independence, not depending on another type of accommodation.

4. It gets us out of trouble on the road

A tent is our last shot in case of emergencies. As we travel by hitchhiking, we sometimes get stuck in the middle of nowhere. At night it is not worth trying to ask for a ride, because it is very difficult for someone to stop. So we just pitch the tent where we can: next to the road, at gas stations etc. And keep going the next morning.

5. It represents a huge saving

You will spend less money (or nothing) on accommodation. In fact, it is one of the main reasons for the success of our long trips. Imagine saving $ 10 every day (or more) for not paying to sleep. It is already $ 300 in just one month. Another good option to save is make use of Couchsurfing, especially in big cities. Apart from saving you will meet incredible people, willing to give shelter to a stranger.

So, put a tent in your life and, above all, in your trips with your pup :)

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