Traveling with my dog in Brazil

In Brazil we did not spend many days, and it was just a river trip along the Amazon and Madeira rivers. But here are the tips I can bring about traveling with a dog in this rhythmic nation.


We traveled from Guajará-Mirim (on the border with Bolivia) to the triple Amazon border with Colombia and Peru. The first section was by bus (Guajará-Mirim to Porto Velho); then the transport was fluvial: Porto Velho - Manaus - Tabatinga (triple border Brazil, Colombia, Peru).


Around ten days.


In general it is more complicated to get on the bus with your dog in Brazil than in Bolivia or Peru.

Bus. On the bus they did not tell us anything, but we only took one, so it is not representative (it was in the countryside, which is usually easier).

Boat. In the ships everything depended on what the captain told us. In the first trip (Porto Velho to Manaus) it was simple, I was just asked by the crew to put her on the leash. But come on, it was a joke... Cocaí did what she wanted, but also because people (I mean kids) kidnapped her for playing and give her walks! Cocai slept with me in the hammock. This trip lasted three days.

These ships are multifunction: cargo on the floor below and passengers above

Cocaí and a Brazilian "menina"

Good morning!

In the second boat the captain was very strict and forced me to find a box for the dog. Cocaí had to go in a box that I found by the port of Manaus before the departure, in a specific area of the ship. There, behind the toilets/showers, lay Coqui and two ducks of a lady. It was six days of travel in which we spent most of the time in that corner of the boat, but there were exceptions. The children, who were often with us behind the toilets (I told you guys that traveling with a dog brings you closer to the little ones), as soon as I was not paying attention, freed Coqui and played with her running all over the boat. If the captain had not threatened me severely by kicking me out of the boat, I would have given more freedom to the boys... At night, when everyone was asleep, I would take Cocaí to the deck for an evening walk under the stars.

Two little fellas

I am bored, are we there yet?


As for accommodation I can hardly speak, because we spent every day by boat. So the accommodation was in hammock, very cool. Only the first night we slept outside the boat. It was in a room of an inn in Porto Velho and both human and dog were welcome. This is not very representative, though.

The only night in a bed in Brazil for Cocaí.


I was asked for Coqui's papers when I came from Bolivia to Guajará-Mirim. They just wanted to make sure that she did not have the rabies disease.


The advantages, disadvantages and degree of difficulty should be done when returning to Brazil with Coqui and travel more. So offhand I consider that the degree of difficulty is higher than in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador.


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