When your dog cannot visit a specific place

Traveling with your dog has the limitation of not being able to access various tourist sites. The main causes are time (limited time to visit a place) and the ban of pets in certain places. I always say that what your adventure with your dog gives you is a thousand times better than a certain museum, reserve or archaeological site, but there are some places that you will not want to miss out on for anything in the world. So sometimes you will have no choice but to "abandon" your loyal friend. Sometimes, it will only be a while, when visiting an archaeological site for example; Others will be for days, to visit certain island or reserve in which they do not let enter pets. I have done both, and nothing happened to Coqui. Nothing will happen for "abandoning" your dog a few days. In fact, I think it is even good in some cases, because when you travel with your four-legged bud you are 24/7 together. Each one on his own is not that bad after months and months together. Do not worry, in excess (you will always think a little about him/her, of course...), because your mate will be in good hands.

These are the options that I have tried and used so far in my trips and others than I did not use but I would recommend:

Leave your dog under the care of a family member or friend

If you have someone in who you trust in your destiny would be perfect. Obviously, this would be the best option for you. Just provide your friend with your dog's food, give him/her brief instructions and ask him/her to take your dog out for a walk when he/she can. You will have time for buying that compadre a beer or a dinner later! In my experience, Cocaí stayed at Sam's (a friend a made along the way) in Montreal while I was in NY for some days.

Dog Training Centers

We had to do it when we went to Galapagos Islands. In these wonderful islands the access with pets is not allowed… We took this as if Cocaí had to go for a summer dog camp! Besides, the place we left her is highly recommended in case some dog traveler is flying from Quito to Galapagos and does not have any place for leaving his/her friend those days. It is a canine training center called Winsdog Perros Educados (it means Winsdog Trained Dogs). In addition to the basics (they give your dog food/water and take him/her for a walk several times a day), your dog will make dog friends, and the workers send you pictures about how is he/she doing. Prize is good, about 10 dollars/day.

Dog hotels

I have never done it, but can be a good option if you have to go somewhere for a few days and there is not other solution. Advantage: they will be in good hands and will have lots of friends to play with. The worst disadvantage is the prize, probably not cheap.

Leave your dog with a local family or a family business you trust

I personally think it is a good option with people you trust. After chatting with people or having lunch in their restaurant, you can ask them to take care of your dog while you are visiting a certain touristy place where dogs are not allowed, in exchange of buying something in their store, eating at their restaurant, or money. I have done it a couple of times. For instance, for visiting the archaeological site of Palenque, Mexico (photo above), I asked a family restaurant: “please, can you take care of my doggy? I will come later for lunch”. But, again, this is my personal opinion and if you consider it is too risky, do not do it. Even myself would not do it if I am not sure.

Tourism agency you have hired a tour with

I went for a whale watching and Cocaí stayed at the office safely. Do not forget to leave him/her water and food.

Leave your dog inside the car (just a while, don't kill me!)

If you travel with your own car (or a rental car), you can leave your dog inside the vehicle. However, if you have to do this, please, use the common sense. If your dog has to wait in the car, only park in a cool place (never under the sun in the middle of summer); leave the windows open so your bud has a proper ventilation; a bowl with water it is also a good option. Try not be away for a long time.

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