What to do if your dog gets sick

We all worry about the health of our dogs. And more when we're on the road... No one wants their dog to get sick while traveling. But, please, do not stop traveling with your dog for fear of him/her getting sick. There are good veterinarians all over the world. The first thing you have to do is to learn well about the vaccines that we should put in certain destinations before starting the canine adventure. For example, in Latin America it is important the hexavalent shot (also known as tetravalent, heptavalent and other names), which includes defenses for various lethal viruses, including parvovirus. Of course rabies is highly recommended, even for countries where it is eradicated. But she can always gets sick: gastroenteritis, kennel cough, etc. Just like us humans. But, also like us, they will have dog doctors wherever you go... Ladies and gentlemen: yes, there are veterinarians in all countries of the world! Wherever your steps go there will be specialized personnel that will take care of your dog, providing the best service. Like everything, there will be better and worse, and it might be better to go to an official one in some areas (not only to cure your friend, but also for the issue of certificates). But, in short, your dog can have a normal life anywhere he goes. If she gets sick, it's as easy as taking her to the dog doctor.

In my personal experience I have not had to take my dog to the vet many times because of medical problems. Not counting vaccines, of course. Once we had to visit the vet in northern Peru, just after an overnight trip by bus. She was weak so they gave her vitamin supplements. It worked. In Canada I also took her once to the vet because I saw her weak, but I think it was because she had gained weight (Canadians give treats to their four-legged friends at all times!).

So again, please, do not stop traveling with your dog for fear that he or she will get sick.

Vet visit in Port Angeles, Washington, USA


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