Why traveling by hitchhiking

Hey supertramp traveler! Don't you have a car? Don´t you have money? No worries my friend, that is why Natural Selection has given us the prehensile thumb. In addition to saving money, traveling "by finger" will mean:

Living unique and exciting adventures

Traveling this way will lead you to incredible adrenaline-filled adventures and a very authentic journey.

Like this adventure in Cohechán, Perú

Getting to know that 1% who risks themselves taking a stranger

That is, you will have the honor of sharing some time with that bravest and most open-minded one percent on our planet. All my experiences have been great, including the one with the narcos. In addition to interesting conversations, these "strange beings" may give you something to eat or even offer you a place to stay. Also, there will also be those who can not give you a ride but stop to have some chat with you for a while, give you some cookies for your dog or offer you some money.

For example, César: great travel companion and friend. After traveling together, he invited us to meet his family and spend a few days at his home in San Francisco, USA. You can read more about this cool story here.

Learning to appreciate small things in life

From the effort that has meant reaching your destination to the wonderful and comfortable buses. The cold and the rain, the intense heat burning your brain, the desperation to spend hours standing in the same place will be your worst enemies. But you will end up laughing at them when you are riding a car, and especially when you get to your destination. There is no greater satisfaction than enjoying your new destiny after struggling to achieve it. You deserve it, buddy!

We deserve it, Coqui!


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