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These trips have been posible thanks to a bunch of people, both directly and indirectly. Many have helped us one or another way and with this section I just want you to see how wonderful traveling can be. Here we go:

To all those who gave us a ride.

To all those who gave us a place to stay, either because it was a friend, a Couchsurfer, a guy who did it spountaneously or someone who bought us a room.

To all those who gave us money.

To all those who gave us a smile.

To all those who have shared a bit of their lives with us.

To all those who gave us tips, usually wise ones.

To all those who joined us in incomparable adventures.

To all those who gave us food in the street and those who bought us a meal in a stall or restaurant.

To the homeless in USA who believed we were also homeless and recommended us good places to spend the night or get meals for free (we did not do it, don't get me wrong!).

To all those who took care of Cocaí while I was visiting some place in which she was not allowed go in.

To all those who gave us a “tour”.

To all those who greeted us from their cars although they could not give us a ride.

To all those dog friendly food establishments, accommodations and transport companies.

To all those workers and receptionists in non dogfriendly places who do let us stay a night turning a blind eye. 

To all those bus drivers who let us get on their buses.

To my family for their unconditional support in what I do.

To all the friends I made while living in Campinas.

To all the friends I made while living in Monterrey.

To all the friends I have made along the way.

To my usual friends who will always love us wherever we are and whatever we do.

To all those who have supported and encouraged us in these journeys.

To all those who have given us something: books, clothes, a sleeping bag, a blanket, dog food, anumbrella, a can opener...

To all those who have made several of the above things: ride + smile; accommodation + smile; ride + accommodation + smile; rude + food; ride + money; accommodation + clothes; And so on to infinity.


And now let's go with some people who deserve mention of honor when it comes to giving thanks. Here are some of them:

To my father for all his help with this blog.

To my mother because, although she wants for me a future as a Biologist she supports like no one. And because she is the most beautiful thing in the world.

To both of them for coming to see me and travel in a backpacking mode.

To my brother for his adventures in Chile and Argentina.

To César Andrés Quevedo because we shared incomparable things first in Ecuador, then in Chile.

To Eugenia for hosting me in her house in the jungle and let me participate in the community project.

To the Ailloud Correa family for adopting and spoiled me so much. Especially Lourdes and Gerardo, who took me to many cool places for a week.

To John and Shawn for letting me stay at their home until I found a work in Canada.

To Pepe for thousands of things.

To Gabriel for his teachings inside and out of class. And to his family, who spoiled me in Veracruz.

To Meryjane for “gatinha” and for her adventures in the Americas, chapter I and chapter II.

To Eder for hosting me and for an unforgettable Christmas.

To Héctor, Erika and Sofia for the ride and the spontaneous Couchsurfing in Stephenville.

To Dorleta for her spontaneity and for giving us the best end (and start) of an adventure.

To César Gudiel because he did half the things mentioned above.

To Andy for all the kilometers traveled in his truck, good times, meals and gifts. The biggest trucker on the planet!

To Nancy, Amanda and Sarah for the craziest trip south.

To Denali for the interesting chats and for showing us many places in Moab.

To Jéremy for a good experience traveling by car and “learning” English together.

To Erika for crossing half California to meet us in the Californian desert.

To Dave for that ride crossing Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

To Kelly for the ride and for hosting us at her house.
To Cedric for hosting us at home as members of his family (and for that ride to leave Quebec!).

To Sam and his family for welcoming us and for taking care of Cocaí for several days while I was in New York.
To Angela for hosting me and showing me New York.

To Andrea and Fersa for welcoming us and having a beautiful meeting.

To Aydalith for welcoming us and having a beautiful meeting.

To Maia for welcoming us and having a beautiful meeting.

To Visa for welcoming us and having a beautiful meeting.

To Romina for welcoming us and having a beautiful meeting.

To Miriam for welcoming us and having a beautiful meeting.

To Isa because, although she could not hosting us was a beautiful meeting.

To Ryad and Dave for welcoming us in Boston (and to Irene for having spoken well of us!).

To the marriage from Colorado for buying us a room.

To the two gentlemen from Seattle for buying as a room.

To the Spamers for welcoming us at their awesome home at Pyrenees.

To Wally and Darrell for their unique way of being and for making us feel at home from the beginning.
To the crew of Port Renfrew for all the support with the work, the "house" and, in general, making us feel part of the community. Special mention to Nala, Mark, Raven... And Didier!

To Estephanie and her family for welcoming us at their home in the Huasteca Potosina and for that beautiful tour.

To Gregorio because, without knowing me, helped us carrying the kennel for more than one hour.

To Franckie for giving us a place to sleep with his endearing family.

To the worker of this gas station in the middle of nowhere in Utah, who, after witnessing we were not lucky on the road for the second day left his job for a while and gave us a ride to our destiny.

To the workers from the Hostal San Blas, Quito, for all ther emotional and economical support and for their work rescuing dogs.

To Winsdog Perros Educados (it means Winsdog Educated Dogs) for taking care of Cocaí while I was at Galapagos Islands.

To María Jesús for finding the litter of dogs to which Cocaí belonged.

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