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I am a lucky guy. I have three great passions, which I practice daily, many times simultaneously. Traveling, dogs and writing. In other words: I write about our "dog trips". That is where the adventures lived with Cocaí and Chai come in, of course, but I also try to capture the teachings and lessons along the way. Cultures, history, incredible people (and dogs) that we come across, unusual places...

Ride in pickup, Himalayas
Chitrali family, Ayun Valley

However, this whole writing thing started a bit by chance. Partly thanks to not using social media during my first traveling years. The books were born with the idea of telling my parents what I was experiencing, in the form of diaries, so that they could travel with me. Encouraged by my own parents I decided to publish them several years later, adding photos and maps. I left the text for the South American and North American books intact, while for the Asian one –the Peking Express Canino– I preferred to make some adjustments for the reader's comfort.

Writing my travel diaries, Death Valley, California
Haridwar, India

For me it is an incredible achievement for several reasons. 1) For the mere fact of having published not just one book, but quite a few! In addition, 100 x 100 homemade, with my personal stamp and a huge job behind it. 2) All those adventures lived and teachings have been immortalized forever on paper. No one –not even myself– will be able to deny that these episodes and people existed, and when one day, as an old man, I get to see one of these "relics", an emotion that I can already feel will seize me. 3) The transmission, that others may read them. One of the original purposes of publishing them was –and still is– to encourage others to travel the world. Even with their dogs, as the initial objective of this blog, and/or to countries stigmatized from the West. If someone reads the million and a half examples of hospitality we were shown in Iran or Pakistan, I am sure they will include them in their list of priority countries to visit. In any case, I could have transmitted to someone what I experienced, which is not little.

Of course, by purchasing one of the books, the reader will not only enjoy a path full of emotions and lessons, but will also help us to continue discovering beautiful people and landscapes around the world... and documenting it in new books. Cocaí, Chai and I will thank you.

Hitchhiking with dogs


El Pekín Express Canino, cover
La Reina Leona, cover
Queen Leona, cover book
Diario de Viajes por Sudamérica, cover
Diario de Viajes por Norteamérica, cover

El Pekín Express Canino

In March 2019, my dog Cocaí and I left Madrid with a backpack, a tent and an ambitious mission: hitchhiking to China. When we were in India, an unwanted guest came on the scene and turned the world upside down, including our trip. Three years later we returned home, taking with us a path full of learning, adventures, wonderful beings... and a new dog: Chai :-) More info about this book, actually a trilogy, below.

Only in Spanish

Queen Leona

An illustrated tale based on a true story of a dog that I met during the pandemic in India and with whom I formed a very special bond. 


South America & North America Travel Diaries

These two books speak, in the form of diaries, of my first years as a backpacker, including the encounter with Cocaí in Bolivia and all the adventures I lived with her. I place special emphasis on the connection with nature and the people that the journey gave us.

Only in Spanish

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