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Queen Leona, cover book
La Reina Leona, portada

Queen Leona

An illustrated tale based on a true story of a dog that I met during the pandemic in India and with whom I formed a very special bond. You can get it here. Published both in Spanish and English.

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Queen Leona

Half reality, half fable, Queen Leona takes us to an unknown world and along the way we learn a great life lesson from the hand –or the paw– of her protagonist.

This is the story of a true courageous mother who defends her puppies against the greatest adversity. Sick, on a beach in the torrid south of India and in the midst of the famine that brought the start of lockdown to the millions of stray animals in the country, she will do everything possible to get her litter ahead. It is also a special bond between a human and a dog that the pandemic somehow wanted them to meet, learning to admire each other. But above all it is a howl –or a roar– to freedom. Because Leona lives on the streets... but she has a home. A very particular one that she is ready to show us how important it is to her. She will come back home even if it is the last thing she does.

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 Queen Leona 



 Jesús Sastre 

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