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OUR LAST TRIP : From Madrid to China by hitchhiking
1. "Pekín Express Canino"
2. Route overview



Our "Peking Express Canine" (March-2019 / December-2021) actually became the "New Delhi Express Canine". It was not possible to continue the trip to Nepal and China because all borders were closed due to the Covid pandemic.

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ruta parte-1 viaje oriente.jpg

EUROPE: Our journey through Europe was fast, in just a fortnight. We traversed southern France, northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria before entering Turkey where we arrived on April 11, 2019

plano turquia 3.jpg

TURKEY: We spent two and a half months in Turkey. Our tour started in Istanbul, heading south past Izmir; Selçur; Sirince; Ephesus; Pamukkale and reaching the Peninsula of Datça. And going east along the Lycian coast; Olympos; Isparta; Capadoccia; Mont Nemrut and Mardin. Heading north until we reach the Black Sea coast. On June 24, 2019 we moved to Georgia.


GEORGIA: We spent almost two months in Georgia. We toured the country from south to north passing through Batumi, Anakia, Zugdidi, Mestia, Ushguli, Okrostskali Lakes. etc doing several trekking routes through the Caucasus mountains. We also toured it from east to west, passing through Martvili Canyon, Kutaisi, Ureki, Uplistsikhe and Tbilisi from where we went north to Stepantsminda another place to make spectacular treks. Spectacular was the tour of the central area and places like Manglisi, Vardzia, Ajaltsije and Borjomi

mapa referencia.jpg

ARMENIA: Armenia was visited in a month and a half from North to South from Bavra to the border with Iran, passing through Gyumri, Dilijan, Sevan Lake, Yerevan, Khor Virap, Noravank, Goris, Tatev, Kapan and Agarak


IRAN: In Iran we took a tour through the country for two months


PAKISTAN: We spent a month in Pakistan


INDIA: In India we was 17 months, having to renew the visa many times. The reason for being so many months was the closure of the borders due to COVID.


- India from north to south. Our journey from when we entered India in December 2019 through Lahore until we arrived in Puducherry where we were caught by the pandemic and had to stay there in March 2020

ruta india sur-norte.jpg

- India from south to north Our journey since the lockdown was lifted in October 2020. We leave Auroville for northern India to Rishikesh

Due to the Covid pandemic, the borders with neighboring countries were closed and we were unable to move on to China. The transition from India to Pakistan was finally able to do in April 2021, after many negotiations with the corresponding agencies in India and Pakistan. There, in Pakistan, we were practically attached to China, which was our initial objective, specifically on the border of Khujerab National Park. In this second stay in Pakistan, we spent seven months touring the northern area after which we managed to move to Iran also after many efforts. Then we spent another month in Iran and another month in Turkey, from where we started the road back to Spain, arriving in Madrid on December 15, 2021. (We have yet to publish the itineraries of our second experience in Pakistan; the new itinerary through Iran and the routes we took through Turkey and Europe to return to Madrid)




3.INTERVIEWS ABOUT THIS TRIP (Only those made in English)

Jak to Daleko 2.jpg

Jak To Daleko Interview  (Jak To Daleko -Polonia- November 07, 2021):  PORWANIE PSA reakcje Pakistańczyków na Podróżnika z 2 psami

Jak to Daleko 1.jpg

Jak To Daleko interview  (Jak To Daleko -Polonia- November 03, 2021:  PODRÓŻUJE Z 2 PSAMI PO ŚWIECIE skąd pieniądze i jak to robi

Mufti Tariq.jpg

Interview in Pakistán. Mufti Tariq Masood Speeches June 05, 2021:  Viajeros Perrunos Love Pakistan


Rishikesh (India)Sergey Popov (Travel videographer) Enero-2021: МЫ ЛЮДИ ЗЕМЛИ - ROBERTO, CHAI, COCAI


Bangalore (India). Youtube Traveling with. February 4, 2020: How to Travel with Dog | hitchhiking asia

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