In July 2013 I flew to Brazil to travel South America with my backpack. What I did not know was that I was going to meet an unexpected friend who would change the future of my trip... And my life. I adopted this stray dog and we started traveling together, learning sooner rather than later that in this life EVERYTHING is possible. These nomadic years have led us, among other things, to sleep in many homes of strangers, to camp in the Amazon jungle, deserts, gas stations, forests full of bears... And to hitchhike with dozens of people. Including some Mexican narcos!

We are Viajeros Perrunos (Dog Travelers), two friends of two different species that travel the world by hitchhiking and with a small budget. In view of the many questions that I have been asked regarding how to travel with a dog in this way, I decided to create this blog. We want to show that, although kind of complicated, it is possible... And, above all, the most wonderful experience in the world. The main goal: that others follow us and fill the world of travel dogs. Come and read!

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¿¡Where are we going!?


Ahuasiyacu (Tarapoto), Peru
Amazonía (Tena area), Ecuador
Bacalar, Mexico
Bahía Kino, Mexico
Banff NP, Canada
Baños, Ecuador
Bella Bella, Canada
Boston, USA
Bowl Lake (Banff NP), Canada
British Columbia (north), Canada
Bryce Canyon NP, USA
Bullards Beach SP, USA
Bustamante, Mexico
Cajamarca, Peru
Calakmul (around), Mexico
Canoa, Ecuador
Canyon de Chelly NM, USA
Canyonlands NP (Island in the Sky), USA
Canyonlands NP (the Needles), USA
Cathedral Grove, Canada
Cerro de la Silla, Monterrey, Mexico
Chacahua, Mexico
Chan Chan, Peru
Costa Ecuador
Cottonwood Trail, Canada
Cuatro Ciénegas, Mexico
Death Valley Junction, USA
Death Valley NP, USA
Dunas Tadoussac, Canada
Dungeon PP, Canada
Eagle Plains (Dempster Hwy), Canada
East Coast Trail, Canada
El Tajin, Mexico
Fjord du Saguenay NP, Canada
Gocta, Peru
Gran Cañón, Tena, Ecuador
Grand Canyon NP, USA
Grand Staircase Escalante NM, USA
Green Gardens, Gros Morne NP, Canadá
Guanajuato, Mexico
Guayaramerín, Bolivia
Harris Beach SP, USA
Hermosillo, Mexico
Hierve el Agua, Mexico
Hitchhiking Nova Scotia, Canada
Houlton, USA
Huacamaillo (Tarapoto), Peru
Huasteca Potosina, Mexico
Humboldt Redwoods SP, USA
Iquitos, Peru
Joshua Tree NP, USA
Juan de Fuca Trail, Canada
Kitwanga, Canada
Klondike River, Yukon, Canada
Kluane NP, Canada
Kuélap, Peru
L´Anse Aux Meadows, Canada
La Serena, Chile
Labrador (South), Canada
Laguna Azul, Peru
Laguna Cuicocha, Ecuador
Laguna Pomacochas, Peru
Lake Minewanka, Banff NP, Canada
Las Pampas (Santa Rosa), Bolivia
Lava Lake, Canada
Les Monts Groulx, Canada
Leymebamba - Celestín, Peru
Limonales (Cayapas Mataje), Ecuador
Lone Pine, USA
Lone Rock, Page, USA
Mammoth, USA
Manaus - Tabatinga (boat), Brazil
Marion Lake, Canada
Marquelia, Mexico
Mérida, Mexico
Mishol-Ha, Mexico
Moab, USA
Mojave Desert, USA
Mompiche, Ecuador
Montañita, Ecuador
Monument Valley, USA
Morelia, Mexico
Nanaimo, Canada
Newfoundland (South), Canada
North of Sonora, Mexico
Oaxaca Capital, Mexico
Olympic NP, USA
Otavalo, Ecuador
Pailón del Diablo, Baños, Ecuador
Petrified Forest NP and Painted Desert, USA
Pimentel (Chiclayo), Perú
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
PN Chacahua, Mexico
PN Huascarán, Peru
PN Podocarpus, Ecuador
Port Alice, Canada
Port Angeles, USA
Port Renfrew, Canada
Portete, Ecuador
Porto Velho - Manaus (boat), Brazil
Porto Velho - Manaus (boat), Brazil
Porto Velho, Brazil
Potlatch SP, USA
Prince Rupert, Canada
Puebla, Mexico
Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Puerto Misahuallí, Ecuador
Puerto Suelo, Mexico
Puerto Veracruz, Mexico
Quito, Ecuador
Raleigh, Canada
Real de 14, Mexico
Manglares Cayapas Mataje, Ecuador
Reserva Santa Rosa de Yacuma, Bolivia
River Tampaón, Huasteca, Mexico
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Road 395, California, USA
Rocky Mountains, Canada
Ruiz Cortines (Chiapas), Mexico
Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
Samaipata (around), Bolivia
Samaipata, Bolivia
Same, Ecuador
San Borja, Bolivia
San Francisco (around), USA
San Francisco, USA
San José del Pacífico, Mexico
San Lorenzo, Ecuador
San Pablo, Ecuador
Santa Rosa - Iquitos (boat), Peru
Santa Rosa de Yacuma, Bolivia
Sedona, USA
Signal Hill, St Johns, Canada
Sonora (North), Mexico
Sooke, Canada
South San Francisco, USA
St Johns, Canada
Tablelands, Canada
Tadoussac, Canada
Terrace, Canada
Terranova NP, Canada
Trans-Labrador-Highway, Canada
Valle Huaylla Belén, Peru
Vancouver City, Canada
Viña del Mar, Chile
Western Brook Pond, Canada
Whitehorse - Dawson City, Canada
Xcalacoco, Mexico
Xilitla, Mexico
Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Zion NP, USA
Zipolite, Mexico
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