In July 2013 I flew to Brazil to travel South America with my backpack. What I did not know was that I was going to meet an unexpected friend who would change the future of my trip... And my life. I adopted this stray dog and we started traveling together, learning sooner rather than later that in this life EVERYTHING is possible. These nomadic years have led us, among other things, to sleep in many homes of strangers, to camp in the Amazon jungle, deserts, gas stations, forests full of bears... And to hitchhike with dozens of people. Including some Mexican narcos!

We are Viajeros Perrunos (Dog Travelers), two friends of two different species that travel the world by hitchhiking and with a small budget. In view of the many questions that I have been asked regarding how to travel with a dog in this way, I decided to create this blog. We want to show that, although kind of complicated, it is possible... And, above all, the most wonderful experience in the world. The main goal: that others follow us and fill the world of travel dogs. Come and read!

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Traveling with my dog in Canada

Traveling with my dog in USA (west)

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September 30, 2019

The little known and wild north of British Columbia offers us great mountains (Coast Mountains), unexplored coasts and, above all, infinite extensions of forests. Only traveled by a few roads: the most beautiful in the universe. There is a lot of wildlife. I will be surprised if on these lonely roads you do not run into bears, deer or elk. On the other hand, the facial features of people indicate that we are in an area with much more native character. The farther north you go, the more this becomes apparent. This area is huge and I only got to know a handful of sites. Here we will see those places that I know first hand, but another interesting...

September 23, 2019

The province of Quebec shines everywhere. From the moment you set foot in it you can notice how different it is. The air that cities and people transmit will transport you to Europe. Probably to France, listening to that particular and beautiful French... Some of the most beautiful cities in the country are located here, highlighting Montreal and Quebec City. But it also houses very nice villages. And, obviously, as in the rest of Canada, we can find beautiful natural places in the form of forests, mountains and beaches (along the St Lawrence River). The north is super wild, full of forests and swamps. There is a lot of water in Quebec, which go...

September 15, 2019

The more adventurous ones will want to venture into the wildest nature in their visit to Canada. These 6 multi-day and dog-friendly routes are stunning...

September 9, 2019

One of the main things to keep in mind before starting a trip is the economic aspect. How much will I spend per month? How much money do I need to save prior to hit the road? Obviously, you need to carry something in your pocket, but do not exaggerate either. "You must have a lot of money," I have been told more than once. I do not have it nor want it. The truth is that you can travel with little money, and it's how many people enjoy the most. The trick is to spend little... And setting a simple/humble travel style, rather than set a fixed or maximum budget. Thus, you will spend more or less depending on the country or geographical...

August 8, 2019

So different from its southern cousin, but equally amazing (or more). Here you will find no glaciers, no sea lions or penguins, and no Valdivian forests full of lakes. But no worries guys, because we have deserts and canyons, llamas and condors, and, above all, Andean culture. You can not miss this region, here is where Argentina will conquer your heart. Some amazing places:

August 8, 2019

The route from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia (Tierra de Fuego) is a classic that any traveling soul must know. Starting in the proud and beautiful capital, the road to the south will be full of beautiful and varied natural places: the arid (and underestimated) central pampas, the green Región de los Lagos (Lakes District/Region), and, above all, the endless and spectacular Patagonia. It is a vast territory whose limits are not very clear (in fact, the Lakes Region is considered by many the beginning of the Patagonia). What is clear is that the attractions are scattered everywhere, both on its semi-desert shores full of wildlife and its mountains, fore...

July 9, 2019

The green Bolivia, that of the jungle rhythms, is not as visited and known as its Andean cousin. And very badly done, because it is the other side of the coin that one should not miss while traveling in this country of two different worlds. Not only the landscapes are different, the people and their culture perfectly match the jungle: the way they speak and interact, their customs, clothing, food and drinks... Everything changes in this Amazonian part. The mere fact of coming, even a couple of days, will have been worthwhile to discover this other reality of the country. Although the Bolivian jungle territory is huge and has dozens of amazing pl...

July 2, 2019

This tour through the purest Andes will provide you with the most authentic landscapes of the Bolivian altiplano, many of them of great tourist importance, such as Lake Titicaca or the Salar de Uyuni. It will also allow you to know the populations that live there, highlighted by their deep indigenous roots, especially Quechua and Aymara cultures. This can even be appreciated in big cities like La Paz or Cochabamba. Here are some amazing places you should visit:

June 24, 2019

Southern Peru has it all friends. Beautiful cities, wonderful nature and culture. Above anything, culture. Peru is much more than Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is just the tip of the iceberg of paradise for lovers of ancient civilizations (especially the great Inca Empire). And current civilizations... Because the peoples from the coast, the Andes and the jungle are really worth knowing. You must come to know this región. Places I got to know first hand in this itinerary around these three worlds: coast, Andes and Amazon.

May 22, 2019

The north of Peru, much less frequented by travelers than its southern counterpart, has it all too: charming cities and towns, landscapes of all colors and unique archaeological sites of pre-colonial cultures. There are amazing places everywhere, so it is essential to visit its jungles, mountains and coast. Precisely, the fact of being less visited is what makes it more special, since you will have the opportunity to share with the Peruvians in a more intact way than in the southern zone. How beautiful are the people in Peru! Some places you cannot miss in this adventure:

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