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Mexico is awesome. Caribbean sea, Sierra Madre Mountains, Pacific coast, historic cities, deserts, peyote, tacos, gorditas, huaraches, flautas, quesadillas, burritos, tostadas, sopes, polcanes, enchiladas, entomatadas, enfrijoladas, enmoladas and some occasional dish that does not have corn in its recipe. Mexico is bien chingón wey!

But, if there is something even better than food (well, almost better), that are the Mexicans. It does not matter what state you go, whether you are south or north, on the beach or the mountain. You will see how amazing they all are and how well they treat you. The “Malinche complex” is present in their culture and they will always do it for a foreigner feels at home. Totally in love with Mexico and its people.

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