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For those of us who have dogs, traveling with them is a dream. However, there are a number of challenges that don't exist if you travel without a dog, which is why many people choose to leave them at home when they go on a trip. In this section we discuss information related to the planning and well-being of your thunder buddy, necessary documentation, transportation, accommodation and other notes and advice that I think can help the undecided to finish encouraging themselves to do so. I also tell about my experiences with Cocaí and Chai in the countries we have visited, and I focus on the way we travel: hitchhiking and wild camping. You can read the posts below or use the dropdown menu "TRAVELING WITH DOG".

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El Pekín Express Canino. In March 2019, my dog Cocaí and I left Madrid with a backpack, a tent and an ambitious mission: hitchhiking to China. When we were in India, an unwanted guest came on the scene and turned the world upside down, including our trip. Three years later we returned home, taking with us a path full of learning, adventures, wonderful beings... and a new dog: Chai :-) More info about this book, actually a trilogy, here (only Spanish).

Queen Leona. An illustrated tale based on a true story of a dog that I met during the pandemic in India and with whom I formed a very special bond.  You can get it here (Spanish) and here (English).

South America & North America Travel Diaries. These two books speak, in the form of diaries, of my first years as a backpacker, including the encounter with Cocaí in Bolivia and all the adventures I lived with her. I place special emphasis on the connection with nature and the people that the journey gave us. Read more here (only Spanish).

And get news about travels, dogs... and traveling with dogs 😉

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